Stellar: Funding accounts on a private network

So you have created accounts on a private Stellar network, now how to fund the account so it have enough balance?

Funding is just transfer some amount of money from a Source Account to the Destination Account to fund.

Source Account can be any account on the private Stellar network which has enough balance to fund other accounts.

Now, what is the Source Account is running out of fund?

We must fund that Account from other Account that has enough balance.

Stellar network has a special account called Root Account.. which is created by default when the network is initially started (using the –newdb command).. It has 100 billion XLM , which enough to create many accounts…

We can see the Root Account seed from the log file right after we issue the –newdb command.

But, what if we lost the log file or didn’t find anything about Root account seed ?

Here is my solution… by the help of our friendly friendbot

Modify the friendbot.conf, set the starting_balance to some amount enough to create many accounts..

starting_balance = “10000000000.00”

Restart friendbot…

Now create a new account using friendbot, and record the Seed address..

Then, issue transfer command from the newly created account to the Source Account above that you use to create accounts for the amount that the newly created account has in it’s balance minus 100 XLM.

Now the Source Account will have enough balance.


Akhmad Daniel Sembiring
Blockchain Expert