GPSX GPS Tracking Server


  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Monitor more than one vehicles at one time in realtime
  • History Replay
  • Play vehicle track for analyzing
  • Record unlimited track history
  • Can select a period of time to play
  • Animated track history
  • Smooth Tracking using Google Direction
  • Tracks will follow the road on the map smoothly
  • Geofencing
  • Setup geofence area visually
  • Alerting user when vehicles leave or enter the area
  • Over Speed Alert
  • Setup speed limit for every vehicle
  • Alerting user when vehicles move out of a defined speed
  • Unlimited Point of Interest Data
  • User can add /update/delete unlimited POI data on top of the map
  • Reporting
  • Comprehensive reporting for your customer needs
  • Fleet Management
  • Comprehensive fleet management
  • Mapping
  • Google map
  • Open street map layers
  • Security and Privacy
  • Add many user account, you can set each user to one kind of user role, so it is very easy for you to control each user’s access right

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