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Odoo PDF Report Installation Checklist

On a complex network infrastructure, Odoo PDF report might lead you to some problem. CSS and images is not loaded correctly, generating report is taking too long, etc.

Here are some checklist to follow:

The wkhtmltopdf version

  • make sure that you use the Qt patched one
  • proven working version at this writing: 0.12.1

System Parameters

  • web.base.url = http://your.server.com:8069
  • web.base.url.freeze = True
  • report.url = http://your.server.com:8069

Make sure that those addresses are accessible from within the server Odoo is running on:

  • ping your.server.com is OK

When it’s not OK or redirecting to another hostname, eg. activating the database filter on configuration file, behind some kind of a port forwarded network:

  • put your Odoo address and IP mapping statically at /etc/hosts file, eg:
  •    your.server.com