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Odoo Consignment (Penjualan Konsinyasi)

Consignment is a common practice in retail industry where we agree to pay a Supplier of goods after the goods are sold and return the unsold goods back to the Supplier.
This module is used record consignment transaction on good receipt, sales, and return to supplier.
  • Receiving: automatically create an internal move from “Consignment Location” to destination “Shop Warehouse”
  • Then you can perform sales normally at the “Shop Warehouse” either from Sale Order or Point of Sale
  • At the end of the day or session, the module will automatically calculate the products total sold quantity and the difference with the received quantity.
  • The sold quantity will generate Vendor Bill to the product owner.
  • The remaining quantity will generate a new Internal Move from “Shop Warehouse” back to the “Consignment Location”
Watch the youtube video here:

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