Baru Terbit: Ebook Advanced Odoo Programming and Implementation Techniques


This guide consists of programming techniques that we faced often when implementing Odoo on our clients. Many of them are not well documented in the official Odoo documentation so we think that someone has to write them them for use with others. The techniques covered here are mainly based on our field experience and some are taken form scattered online discussion forum.




Table of Content

1 Introduction


2  Sending Notification Programmatically

3  Implement Running Balance Field

4  Remove Link from many2one Field Widget

5  Checkinf If a User is in Certain Groups

6  Tree View Cell Alignment

7  Importing LESS CSS Into Website

7.1  Convert LESS CSS file into CSS

7.2  Include CSS into your website asset

8  Finding Time Difference

9  Using Javascript Datatable on Website

9.1 Copy the Required Javascript Files

9.2 Inherit front end asset to include the Javascript

9.3 Create the controller

9.4 Create the template and run Datatable javascript

10  Using the sudo() Method

11  Adding Followers Programmatically

12  Set Current Logged User as a Default Value

13  Formatting Date Time in Odoo QWeb Report

14  Watermarking QWeb Document with Image

15  Setting the Qweb Paper Size

16  Generating QR or Barcode on QWeb Report

17  Displaying Image on Qweb

18  Hide the Create/ Edit Button of Form and Tree View

19  Method of a Button Click

20  List of available icons for used in buttons