OpenERP: Webkit Report Settings

Install report_webkit

Install report_webkit report module, webkit library, and wkthtmltopdf.

This module requires the wkthtmltopdf library to render HTML documents as PDF. Version 0.9.9 or later is necessary, and can be found at for Linux, Mac OS X (i386) and Windows (32bits). 

After installing the library on the OpenERP Server machine, you need to set the PATH to the wkthtmltopdf executable file on each Company.

Create Action Reports

Menu Settings > Technical > Action > Reports

Create New


Name: the report name
Service Name: <model>.<unique number>
Object: model name
Report Type: webkit

On the Webkit tab:
Header: select one of the available header.

The Webkit Template: the report template in HTML, example:

% for o in objects :
<style type="text/css">
.page {page-break-after: always}
   <div class="page">
      <table border="1" width="100%">
      % for a in o.attendee_ids :
      % endfor
% endfor


Create Action Button

Save the Action Report.

Click the button Print > Add Print Buttons


This will create an Action Binding record automatically.

New Print button will be shown up in the model form and list view.



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