[FULL SOURCE CODE] Easy Quiz Page Generator for CPA

Make Easy Money with CPA Simple Quiz Page

This is an example of how the software works. You create a quiz page asking visitors about their opinion whether Kristen Stewart is cheating on Robert Pattison.

They simply need to answer YES on NO. No matter what the answer is, they will be redirected to a reward selection page where they can select the one they interested.

The rewards are actually linked to a CPA offer where they need to enter their email and name. When it’s verified by the CPA vendor, you will make money.

Interesting part of CPA is that there’s no refund like in ClickBank, so you can keep the money permanently.

You can create any question that cross your mind at anytime. Better that it’s a hot news, preferably the celebrity gossips.

Just go the the celebrity news sites, you will find tons of questions to ask to the celebrity fans and haters.

Once you set the quiz, then just publish the quiz page link to ads media. Pay per view traffic and email list will be better, but you can choose any as long as it generate many traffic to the quiz page.

YES! We provide you FULL SOURCE CODE of this Software. You can modify it later as you like. You can host it at your own domain / server. No additional cost.


Before your link is approved, it will be redirected to the Pre Approved URL not to your actual Quiz Page. Just put any URL that relevant to your ads content. Anyone’s Youtube Videos will get approved easily. Once the ads is approved, simply tick the Approved checkbox, and the link will go to the actual Quiz Page.

For those who always been rejected by FB AME, this feature is for you!

There’s a special variable called sid1 to track how’s the quiz page performed. Append {sid1} to your CPA offers link, it will be replaced with the quiz page name for your tracking purpose