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Faisal Wiryasantika – Curriculum Vitae

Faisal holds a Bachelor Degree from Physics and a Master Degree from Electrical Engineering with emphasis on Information Technology, both of them from Institut Teknologi Bandung. He wrote some articles related to Mobile Application, OTA, and MVC (Model View Controller) programming when he pursue Master Degree. He currently works in Qtel (Qatar Telecom) as VAS (Value Added Service) Specialist, to be precise as VAS-MD (Multimedia & Data Services) Team Leader. Previously he worked in PT. Excelcomindo Pratama -now PT XL Axiata Tbk- as IN (Intelligent Network) Engineer and also as web application developer in several IT company before that. Immediately after he joined Qtel on June 2006 he made GoGulfIndonesia Group which consist more than 1300 Indonesian talents from across different background and field, mostly those talents came from Telecom and IT sectors.


There are some of group member came from oil and gas, banking, other sector as well. Initially the group intentionally to bring as much as possible telco engineer to Middle East, but later on the group realigned the scope which try to bring as much as possible Indonesian talents from vary background to abroad by providing job opportunity information, technical and soft skills sharing, living cost abroad information, etc. He has simple intention he wants to expose Indonesian talent to the world!


Social activities :

1) GoGulfIndonesia Group co-founder. Follow us on Twitter @gogulfindonesia.

2) Secretary of IA-ITB (Ikatan Alumni Institut Teknologi Bandung) Chapter Qatar 2007-2011.


FB: faisal.wiryasantika





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