Colorize and Fonts in Tree View Record in OpenERP


Use the colors attribute on the tree element to colorize records based on some conditions. 

Example, to colorize session list depending on it’s state:


                <tree string=”session List”

                                colors=”blue:state==’draft’; green:state==’confirmed’ “>

                     <field name=”name”/>

                     <field name=”start_date”/>

                     <field name=”end_date”/>

                     <field name=”duration”/>

                     <field name=”seats”/>

                     <field name=”instructor_id”/>

                     <field name=”course_id”/>

                     <field name=”attendee_count”/>

                     <field name=”state” />

                     <field name=”taken_seats” widget=”progressbar”/>



Don’t forget to include the conditional field also in the field list, otherwise it will not work.

Some conditional expresions that can be used on the colors attribute:

If state in either ‘confirmed’, ‘done’, ‘waiting’ :

  • colors=”blue: state in (‘confirmed’, ‘done’, ‘waiting’)”

if state is equal to ‘draft’:

  • colors=”blue: state==’draft’ “

if duration is greater than 5:          

  • colors=”blue: duration &gt; 5 “

if duration is less than 15:  

  • colors=”blue: duration &lt; 15 “

multiple conditions:

  • colors=”blue: state in (‘confirmed’, ‘done’, ‘waiting’) ; red: state==’draft’”



There is also fonts attribute to set the font of the records, for example to set bold fonts on records with message_unread is True:

  • fonts=”bold:message_unread==True”