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Care2x Training Bandung Indonesia

Care2x is an integrated Hospital Management System software for managing patient registration, admission, inpatient or outpatient, laboratories, blood bank, and other supporting modules.

The system is quite complete for medical stuff but lack of other important part of a hospital in general, which is billing and finance module integration.

The project also seems to be frozen since a few years, and the PHP platform is a little bit obsolete as well as the Javascript client script.

More worst, the documentation for further development is not complete.

Considering the above situation, Vitraining.com now provide Care2x training sessions that will cover both functional and technical aspect about Care2x.

The functional session will talk about:

  1. how to use the software in general
  2. how is the business logic already implemented in the software
  3. how is the integration between all modules
  4. how to configure modules and user role

While in the technical session we will talk about:

  1. how to install latest version of Care2x
  2. how the source code framework is
  3. how to modify the source code
  4. how to extend Care2x and creating new module with a brand new PHP framework
  5. how to create new billing module
  6. how to create new billing reporting module
  7. how to create new reporting modules as your hospital requirements, for example morbidity reports, statistic reports, encounter reports, etc

As this training objective, we will show you how to use Care2x completely and modify the source code or creating new module for your own requirements.

If you are interested in this training please contact us directly because we have not conduct this session as a regular training.